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April 30, 2024 Windows RC v1.13.0 Production Release

A new version of the Windows RC is now available in the Production release channel for New Installs . This version can be downloaded from the dashboard
Roaming Clients
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Auto-update will begin next week. Please refer to our release status page for the latest available versions in both Beta and Production channels.
Included in WinRC v1.13.0
Bug Fixes 🪲
  • Improved the reliability and resilience in setting the active local user when installing, restarting or switching users on the device.
  • Fixed an issue when an RC configured to use IPv6 only (via Registry key value) connects to an IPv4 only network that prevented resolution.
  • Improved handling of restoring previous DNS settings in scenarios where the RC fails to operate due to inability to bind port 53.
  • Fixed issues resolving
    requests when no local Resolver is configuration for the user - default behavior will now automatically resolve request to fallback settings of the network device.
  • Improved detection of manual changes to network device DNS servers while RC is running, resetting DNS back to DNSFilter.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with using Hyper-V and Windows Sandbox simultaneously.
  • Reduced the frequency of the RC querying the windows domain controller for retrieving local user details, this should reduce CPU load on the domain controller.