Announcing the DNSFilter Relay. It’s like X-ray vision for the DNS on your network.
DNSFilter is on a mission to make it easy for organizations of all sizes to filter their users from online threats and inappropriate content. Last month we announced Roaming Clients. This month, we are announcing the DNSFilter Relay.
The Relay makes it easy for you to filter and report on all LAN devices. While our recent roaming clients are great for PCs & mobile devices, we realize that today's business networks often have Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and IoT devices.
One of our most common requests comes from system administrators who want to audit their network traffic. Their question is “How do I know
machine is going
The DNS Relay is a virtual appliance that reports and filters DNS traffic on your network. This gives you unparalleled visibility and control of the DNS activity of all network devices, including servers and IoT.