July 26 Chrome Extension Roaming Client [2.1.0]
Chrome Extension
The Chrome Extension Roaming Client 2.1.0 will start being released on July 26th 2022 at 9:15am (eastern, UTC -5). This new release includes:
Automatic User Creation
Currently, the Windows RC automatically creates a user under Deployments, Users when a new roaming client is deployed, allowing owners and admins to assign the user to a collection and apply a corresponding policy.
Without this functionality, owners/admins/edit policy users must rely on machine names alone to identify Users for policy assignment. This release adds automatic user creation to the Chrome Extension RC
User creation will only occur if the user is logged into the Chrome browser with Sync either turned OFF or ON. If a user is not logged into the Chrome browser, User Creation will not occur since the user can't be identified.
Local Domains
Currently, the Windows, iOS RC allows for adding domains/DNS suffixes that will be sent to the local DNS resolver instead of DNSFilter. This is often used to support corporate intranet or other LAN local tools. This release adds Local Domains to the Chrome Extension RC.