June 15, 2022 Windows RC Release [v1.7.15]
Windows Roaming Client
Here's what's new in Windows version 1.7.15
Staggered Release
This initial release is only available to new installs. The release to support organizations enrolled in auto upgrade is anticipated to launch June 28th.
Fixes from the March 23rd, v1.7.13 Release
This release corrects bugs which were associated with the 1.7.13 release:
1. Fix for Local Domains not working
  • This release ensures if a customer has configured Local Domains, they will work as intended.
2. Fix for Local Domains not loading on initial install
  • This release ensures that if Local Domains are configured, they will appear the first time the Windows RC is run, post install.
3. Fix for DNS severs not reverting to default after service stop
  • This release ensures that if the Windows RC services stops, it will revert back to the original settings, ensuring no interruption in DNS resolution.