Mac Roaming Client

May 23 2023 macOS RC v1.5.0 (New Installs)

A new version of the macOS Roaming client is now available in the dashboard (
Roaming Clients
) for download and installation.
v1.5.0 should begin rolling out via auto-update the week of June 19th.
Improved 🛠️
  • Support for synced Local Domains and Resolvers settings is now available for macOS Roaming Clients. Add or update your configured domains and resolvers
    Roaming Clients
    Local Domains
    . See our help docs for more information on Local Domains and RC setup.
  • Log files generated by the roaming client have been improved to provide more readable output with improved formatting and error descriptions.
  • Following fixes in v1.4.7, we've added more improvements to ensure filtering on the roaming client continues after sleeping/wake conditions.
Bug Fixes 🪲
  • Fixed an issue when installing the roaming client that could prevent Certificate Authority (CA) from being trusted and activated. Invalid certificates would cause the block page to fail to load.
  • The menubar icon should now correctly update when changing from dark or light mode, as well as new desktop background colors.
  • Improved the recovery of DNS filtering by the roaming client when users attempt to modify primary or secondary DNS settings to avoid filtering.
  • Fixed an issue that could mistakenly return a SERVFAIL error when a query returns an empty value.
  • Fixed an issue that would reset listening_address to default after RC restart. Value modified by configuration file should now persistent as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the RC to claim port 53 on more than one IP address at a time, leading to conflicts with other tools, the client should only bind to by default.