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October 10, 2023 App Release

Improved 🛠️
  • Site locations (
    Deployments → Sites
    ) can now be added with Latitude / Longitude coordinates, in addition to Street Addresses. Physical locations in both formats are supported in map visualizations in the DNSFilter Dashboard.
  • Policy name is now available as a parameter in the Redirect URL for External Block pages. Additionally, we now support configurations for "&" and "?" as separators — in addition to the default "#". Just add the character your want to use to the end of External Block Page URL (
    Policies → Block Pages
Bugs 🐞
  • Fixed an issue that caused Youtube Restricted mode, if enabled on your Policy, to not be enforced consistently when using Safari browsers
  • Fixed an issue that caused traffic with category
    to be hidden from the Data Explorer Breakdown by Category tab.
  • Fixed a display issue with Policy Audit Log when Application names where not listed when making AppAware policy changes.
  • Fixed a display bug that incorrectly showed the "You've discovered a Premium feature" message when using AppAware on certain plan types.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented access to the Sync Tools page (
    Deployments → Sync Tools
    ) for customers on certain custom subscriptions.