Windows Roaming Client

Update on Windows RC v1.10.7

Background on v1.10.7 of WinRC
Windows RC v1.10.7 was originally released for new downloads on October 18, 2023. Subsequently on October 26, 2023 version 1.10.7 was released to 10% of auto-update users.
On October 30, 2023 we discovered a bug in 1.10.7 that led to excessive traffic to the DNSFilter API. We took the following actions:
  1. We removed this version from our dashboard and auto-update channels and restored the previous latest versions: 1.10.5 for new downloads, and 1.10.3 for auto-update.
  2. For those users with 1.10.7, we released a repackaged version of 1.10.3 with the version number 1.10.8 (otherwise identical to 1.10.3) via auto-update to mitigate the excessive API usage.
What's Next
Our next planned release for Windows RC will be 1.11.0 and will include the fixes originally in 1.10.7 as well as fixes to the issues that caused this version to be pulled. We aim to have this version available for new installs before US Thanksgiving (Nov 23, 2023) with auto-updates to follow in early December.
We apologize for the confusion and impact this error has had on our customers.
We’ve introduced a
new status page
that explains our RC release process and displays the latest versions available for new installs and auto-update on macOS and Windows
. We will update this page with each new release and auto-update rollout.
Our goal is to create clearer communication with you, our customers, regarding these issues and the status of all of our Roaming Clients going forward so you can update your systems accordingly. Thank you for your patience.